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  • Locations de salles
  • Randonnées et activités ludiques avec ânes bâtés
  • Canoë kayak sur la rivière Aude, descente libre pour tous ou accompagnée pour les groupes
  • Stages d'équitation pour ados
  • Week-ends et séjours touristiques en gîte, chambre ou studio
  • Balades et randonnées à cheval pour tous : enfants, adultes, familles

Horse riding for all the family Carcassonne Languedoc Aude

Together, or not : you have the choice !


  • Horse or poney rides from 2 hours to a full day, from 9 years ;
  • "Riding weeks" : 5 half days of riding, from 10 years ;
  • Poney "guided by a parent" for the younger ones, from 3 years.


  • Staying in a gîte, the teenager can take part in a riding week, children can have fun doing poney games, parents can enjoy longer rides, or leave Pommayrac to visit the the area;
  • From 10 years, the teenagers can even sleep in a tent or rest house with their friends, and have all their meals together, while their parents stay in a room or studio.
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